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We value

To respect our own and others' privacy and safety online. 

To respect digital property.

To communicate respectfully and responsibly in online environments.

To set ambitious goals for coding projects or digital creations. 

To solve computational problems by thinking critically and creatively to find solutions. 

To explore advanced concepts in computing, such as algorithms, debugging, or basic programming principles and apply them in practical projects or activities.

To be resilient when faced with coding errors and to systematically identify and fix issues in code through trial and error.

To stay determined and find alternative solutions when working on long-term coding projects or digital creations.  

To approach setbacks as learning opportunities, to reflect on what went wrong, to think about what strategies were tried, and what we could do differently next time. 


Should you require any further information about Computing in school please contact Mrs Symes, our Computing Leader, who will be pleased to speak with you.