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Useful Websites

Children in Wren Park School are given regular homework. If you feel you would like some ideas of ways to further help your child at home, see the activities below. (See school brochure for homework policy)

Great Reads


  • The Red Pyramid- Rick Riordan
  • A Web of Air (Mortal Engines)- Philip Reeve
  • Instructions- Neil Gaiman
  • How to Survive Summer Camp- Jacqueline Wilson
  • The Ogre of Oglefort- Eva Ibbotson
  • Found (The Magic Thief)- Sarah Prineas
  • The Prince of the Mist- Carlos Ruiz
  • Ship’s Cat Doris- Jane Simmons

KS1 and 2

Two REALLY cool books that you need a PC and web cam for!

Fairyland Magic Secret- Patricia Moffet Dinosaurs Alive!- Robert Mash

Bug Zoo- Nick Barker Mini Scientist in the Kitchen- Lisa Burke The Summer Before (Baby Sitters Club)- Ann Martin


  • Poddy and Flora – Paula Metcalf
  • When the Dragons came- Kate Jacobs
  • Find Chaffy- Jamie Smart
  • Over the Rainbow- Harold Arlen
  • I want a Mini Tiger- Joyce Dunbal
  • Loon on the Moon- Chae Stratnie
  • Supermarket Zoo- Caryl Hart
  • The Rabbit Problem- Emily Gravett
  • Little Mouse’s Book of Fears- Emily Gravett

Infant Maths Activites

Learn your times tables up to 10 x 10

Infant Writing Activities

Suggested Writing Activities

Describe a magic spell and draw a before and after picture to go with it.

Write a poem with the starter line: My favourite toys are...

Make something with paper and write how you made it.

Write a story about a family outing where things go wrong.

Keep a diary for a week.

Draw a picture of your favourite meal and explain what it it and why you like it.

Junior Maths Activities

Learn your times tables up to 12 x 12

Junior Writing Activities

Suggested Writing Activities

Write a story for children about a witch whose spells always go wrong.

Write a poem with the starter line: My favourite things to do are...

Write a description of what the world would be like if everything was made of paper.

Retell a well known story but change the main character into someone else.

Plan a birthday party, writing a guest list, invitations, lists of food and drink, instructions for party games and recipes for party food.

Write a story about the travels of a balloon that flies away.

Some Useful Web Links