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School Closure


Dear Parents,


I understand that this will be an incredibly challenging time for us all with the news that we will be moving to school closure from tomorrow afternoon.

I know that we will all have many questions about how this situation will affect our families, work, school and education of our children.

As yet there is little information I can share with you which hasn’t been shared on National News last night and this morning.

I will however keep you as up to date as I can when we receive some clarity from DfE and Local Authority. Please keep a look out for daily emails/updates over the next few days.

These are unprecedented times and we will be working hard behind the scenes preparing for the coming weeks.

May I ask for your patience and understanding over the next couple of days and allow us to look after the children in school as well as make the necessary arrangements and adjustments that are required. Please do not contact school unless there is a significant need to as we will be working hard on putting out information as quickly as we can to help all parents.

Today we will be talking to the children about our school closure ahead and explaining to them in an appropriate way why the measures have been put in place at this time and reminding them that although they may not be in school for a while that we will be setting them some learning tasks to keep them busy!


Best wishes to you all at this time.


  1.    A. Buckley

If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding children please email: