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Wren Park Leavers' Poem

The Wren Park Experience!


Wren Park is really kind,

It has given me knowledge in my mind


Wren Park has been like a rollercoaster ride

It has made me show my inner pride


Whether I'm leaving Wren Park or I'm not

I will always be happy about what I achieved and what I've got


The memories I have will last forever

I will never forget them


Thank you Wren Park for what you have given me

The skills I have will help me always


The Wren Park teachers are a lovely bunch

Helping me here, there and everywhere and even when I'm having my lunch


The dinner ladies, teaching assistants, cooks and the lovely ladies in the office too

Are all as good as the teachers too!


Wren Park is bright and beautiful and I'm sad to be leaving

However times to come will hopefully be amazing as this if not better!


Wren Park taught all I needed to know

It gave all I needed to grow


As I fly away to start a new adventure

Wren Park's the school that gave me wings


As I'm looking back on my days, a smile upon my face

I will recall the best of times I've known in this special place


Wren Park is the best school ever

I never want to leave!


Goodbye Wren Park


By Luke K - Age 11 - 22.07.19


Please click on READ MORE on our home page to see our special message to all our children and families. Keep safe, we are thinking of you all at this difficult time. If your family needs to self-isolate and is struggling with necessities please email school in confidence and we will try to help if we can - Please type COVID HELP in the email subject line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.