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Financial Information

Financial Information

Our school's financial management is subject to various checks and balances to ensure we are providing good value for money for our pupils whilst maintaining a financially sustainable and responsible school.

Our school budget is set from our allocated yearly funding from DfE via Derby City Local Authority.

Our budget is set to cover all aspects relating to the running of school premises, maintenance, staffing and curriculum. The budget is monitored and agreed by the Governing Board with certain financial delegations being with normal operating amounts managed by the Headteacher and School Business Manager. Larger expenditure is overseen by Governors and subject to strict guidance.

We have attained the SFVS (school Financial Value Standard) for our work within this area.

Financial Declaration

Within Wren Park no school employees receive an annual gross salary of over £100,000

We keep a close watch on our financial performance and use benchmarking tools to ensure our financial performance is healthy.

Please click on link below to take you to our Schools Financial Benchmarking page.