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We value

To respect the environment and understand the impact of human actions on natural landscapes and ecosystems.

To appreciate the value of nature and the need to preserve it for future generations.

To respect different cultures, traditions and ways of life around the world.

To master map reading, develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues, or explore complex geographical phenomena.

To learn about global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, social inequality and to think ambitiously about how we can contribute to addressing these issues through our actions and choices.

To explore the world around us, both locally and globally. Through fieldwork, virtual exploration, and studying diverse landscapes and cultures.

To explore how communities around the world demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity by adapting to changing environmental conditions.

To look at how communities respond to economic, social, and political challenges. Explore how communities have overcome poverty, conflict, or urbanisation.

To develop personal resilience skills that will help navigate challenges in our geography and in our everyday lives.


Should you require any further information about Geography in school please contact Mrs Dalton, our Geography Leader, who will be pleased to speak with you.