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We value

To work collaboratively and respectfully with our peers when solving mathematical problems.

To appreciate and respect different problem-solving strategies.

To use mathematical language and symbols accurately and respectfully when communicating mathematical ideas.

To strive for improvement, aiming to master new concepts and skills and to reach higher levels of mathematical proficiency.

To think critically, analyse problems from different perspectives, and apply a range of problem-solving strategies.

To investigate mathematical concepts beyond the scope of our current learning, explore connections between different areas of mathematics and engage in mathematical inquiry and discovery.

To develop resilience when encountering challenging mathematical problems

To learn from our mistakes and setbacks in mathematics.

To develop resilience in mathematical reasoning by engaging in logical thinking and justification.


Should you wish to discuss any aspect of our Maths curriculum, or should you like to receive further information, please contact school and ask for Mrs Graham or Miss Ralph, our Maths Leaders.