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Reading and Phonics

We value

To listen respectfully to others' opinions when discussing text and to express our own thoughts in a considerate manner.

To read a range of texts from diverse cultural backgrounds and discuss the importance of respecting and appreciating different beliefs, traditions, and customs.

To treat books and resources with care and respect. To handle books gently, turn pages carefully, and return materials to their proper places after use. 

To explore a range of challenging texts that expand reading skills and vocabulary. 

To have a love for reading - to talk about books, share favourite passages, and recommend titles to our peers.

To set ambitious reading goals - this could involve targets for the number of books read, the complexity of texts tackled or the variety of genres explored. 

To persevere and keep learning how to read. Use reading strategies such as sounding out words, using context clues and re-reading to overcome challenges.

To reflect on reading progress over time and to recognise that improvement takes time and effort, and setbacks are a natural part of the learning process. 

To persevere when looking up unfamiliar words in a dictionary.