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Year 1 Home Learning Week Beginning 24th March


Hello children and parents, We hope that you are all ok and enjoying the spring sunshine.  Here are a few little tasks just to get you started this week as you get used to learning from home.  We are going to be keeping in touch with you every week and we really look forward to seeing all of your good work.


PE: This week, we would like you to take part in ‘PE with Joe’ which is live on YouTube every morning at 9am. This is a great way to start the day and get your heart beating faster and help you feel energised for the day ahead.  We will be taking part everyday too, just as we did today!


Phonics: After your workout, it’s time for Phonics.  Please log on to  and enter the username: march20 and the password:  home. This is a free resource.  This week, we would like you to revise all of your phase 3 sounds when playing the games.  Please also play the ‘Tricky Word Trucks’ game ( phase 3) every day.


Bug Club:  Please read at least one book per day with your grown up and remember to read and answer all of the ‘bug’ questions.  There is usually also a task on the back cover to complete after you have read the story – you can always record this in your home learning book. Your password is in the front of your reading diary.  We will log in weekly to monitor which books you have read and to upload you some exciting new ones.


Spellings:  Please revise how to write numbers as words eg 1 = one etc.  By end of the week, challenge yourself by doing a spelling quiz and writing all the numbers from 0 to 20 as words in your home learning book.


English/Topic:  In our topic work, we are learning about the five senses and this week we are thinking about our eyes and sight. 


Task 1: Write 5 extended sentences (joined with ‘and’), in your home learning book, about things you can see around you.  E.g. I can see a tall tree and it has got blossom all over it.


Task 2: Find out about a famous man called Louis Braille.  There is a very nice story about his life on YouTube – just search :  ‘BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Louis Braille’


Then answer these questions in full sentences:


  1. Where was he born?
  2. When was he born?
  3. What happened to him when he was a little boy?
  4. What did he invent?
  5. How old was he when he made his invention?

Maths:  In your home- learning books:


Task 1: Write your numbers from 0 to 20 and from 20 to 0 every day. ** If this is easy peasy for you, write your numbers to 100 every day and make sure that every digit is the right way around and your tens and ones are in the right place.


Task 2:  Your grown up will choose any number between 1 and 100 and you need to write that number down along with the number which is 1 more and 1 less than it. 


E.g. if your grown up says sixty three, then you will write:  62    63    64


Task 3: Please continue to practise number bonds to 10 and related bonds to 20- please write these in your home learning book  .e.g. 7+ ?  = 10                       7+3 = 10         e.g. 10 -7 = ?                         10 – 7=3

                           e.g. 17 + ?= 20                          17 + 3 = 20             e.g. 20 – 17 = ?                        20-17 = 3


Take care everyone and do your best with these activities. 


Love from Mrs Whitt and Miss Anderson

Welcome to Year 1



Curriculum Evening 2019

World Cultural Day 2019

To celebrate diversity and culture from around the globe, the children came dressed in the colours of the flag or in traditional dress of a country of their choice for World Cultural Day.  We had a fantastic day in which the children shared and learned about traditions, customs, languages and discovered fascinating facts about different countries all over the world.  There was also lots of music and dancing and we were really grateful to those families who sent in some traditional food from home. In Year One, we got to taste some delicious authentic Libyan food which Atheer in Mrs Whitt’s class kindly brought in, as well as some exotic fruits from different countries.  Miss Gregory went back to her ancestral roots and demonstrated some incredible Irish dancing.   What a super day!

Year 1 are growing!

The children have enjoyed planting different seeds as part of their ‘Secret Garden’ topic this term.  We even grew some cress in class and really enjoyed tasting it!

Treat Time!



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