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Welcome to Year 4


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


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Y4 Home Learning Week Beginning 24th March


Spellings- Word families based on common words: solve, solution, insoluble, dissolve, solvent, sign, signature, assign, design, signal.

Which word families do these words have in common? How does that word family affect how the word is spelt? How does that word family affect the meaning of the words?


Handwriting- Practise this week’s spellings in the exercise books you took home.


Reading- 30 minutes reading daily. Try to read a range of text types including fiction, non-fiction and poetry.


English- Read the task carefully and make sure that you think about the skills you will need to use to write successfully. When you have finished your task, read over your work and make sure you are happy with it. Then read your work aloud to your family.

Write a letter for someone to receive through the post. This could be to a grandparent, friend or relative. Tell them about what you have been doing this week. Maybe send a picture with it too.

Stories from another culture: Plan and write a story set in Africa.


Maths- Teach your family how to play “Shoot the Sherriff” and have a couple of rounds to practise your times tables. Practise even more by going on Times Table Rock Stars.

Statistics: Draw a bar graph to show the different types of birds in your garden.

Go on a walk with your family. During the walk, complete a tally chart to show how many different coloured cars you can see. Use this data to draw a bar graph.

What other data could you collect for a bar graph? What questions could you then ask about your data?


Topic- “I can understand what religious beliefs the Romans had and know about some of the gods and goddesses that they worshipped.”

Do a research project to find out about the Roman Gods and Goddesses.

  • What are the names of some of the main Roman Gods?
  • What did they represent to the Roman people?

You could make a game to help you to remember and record key facts about Roman Gods and Goddesses, for example “match up the facts with the God.”

With this information, design and create a fact poster to record what you have learnt about the different Gods and Goddesses.

Extension: Can you find out about the Roman festivals and make a leaflet all about them? Which Gods were worshiped at the festivals? How did people celebrate?

Our new Pupil Premium strategy is available to view on the Pupil Premium section of the website.