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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5



Year 5 Home Learning Week Beginning 24th March (Tuesday-Tuesday)



horrible, sensible, incredible, reliable, adorable, identifiable, respectable, enviable, incredibly, sensibly, reliably, respectably



    1. Please imagine your dream bedroom. Write a piece describing the bedroom.
    2. Go into your garden and find an object. Write a story about a journey that object has been on.


  1. Units of measure- Create a plan of your bedroom. Measure the room and furniture converting between metres and centimetres. Use these measurements to create 3 different configurations your bedroom could be moved into.
  2. Plan a day out for your family to go on later in the year (this can be done from a leaflet off the internet). Ask for a budget then price up different attractions. How far to get there? How much will it cost (entry prices, petrol, public transport, lunch at a cafe etc) How far to walk between attractions? How can you reduce the overall cost? Are there any free attractions with public transport?


You should have received 2 reading books from school.

  1. Draw a comic strip to show what has happened in the previous chapter of your reading book.
  2. Draw a character and write quotes around- what does this show about the character?


  1. Please recreate the salt crystal experiment from our last Science lesson, this time adding food colouring. An adult needs to put boiling water into a glass and then add salt until saturated (no more salt can be dissolved in the water). Food colouring then should be added. A piece of string needs to be suspended in the water until the water evaporates. Make a prediction about what you think will happen, and then write what actually has happened when the water has evaporated.


Our current Topic is Europe. Our learning objective is to compare the human (man-made) and physical (natural) features of different countries. A virtual holiday can be taken where you use the virtual guides by ‘Sygic Travel’ ( to visit different cities. Make a list of the human features and physical features of Rome and one other European city.


Choose a household object and recreate using different mediums and techniques. Create a surreal (with a twist on reality e.g. the melting clocks we did in class by Salvidor Dali- The Persistence of Memory) picture of it.


If the weather is poor, has dance videos and games for children.

During this time, it is important you get fresh air and sunlight; therefore, playing in the garden is important. Anything which raises their heart rate or practises hand eye co-ordination is great.

Fun activities

Choose an object, write it down secretly, describe it to someone without using the name, can they guess the object?

Build a den outside if it is nice weather


Learn walking on sunshine and sing it as a family. Teach a younger sibling, or even a pet or teddy bear, how to sing it.



Tuesday 17th March - 10.00am

The children are all safe and well and currently enjoying some fresh air in a park. The decision has been made to return home today but at this moment it is unsure as to what time it'll be - probably later this afternoon. We are taking advice from the travel company who we are booked with and they are currently trying to re arrange some activities for the rest of today.



The Planet Hollywood booking for this evening has been moved to 4.00pm and they will set off for home straight after the meal. At the moment they are estimating getting back to school between 8.00 and 9.00pm tonight but we will update once they leave London.

They have had a great morning at the Tower of London and are going to Hyde Park this afternoon.



Our new Pupil Premium strategy is available to view on the Pupil Premium section of the website.