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Update regarding Coronavirus

Dear Parents,

Further to our letter dated 12th March I said I would give updates regularly about school arrangements at present and how we are preparing for the coming weeks. Please do take a moment to read about where we are up to with our planning and how you can help us with some actions at home.

The past few days have changed things quite markedly in the outside world and this is starting to impact upon our lives to some extent and is likely to impact further over the coming weeks.

The Year 5 children had a fantastic trip to London on Monday and Tuesday but we could see how London was starting to close down and prepare for "Social Distancing". I would like to thank the children and staff for their attitude and calmness despite the disappointment of having to come back a day earlier than planned. Thank-you to all parents for their support with this challenge. I certainly think the children enjoyed all the activities we did in the short time.

I know that we would all like some clarity at this time and I appreciate there will be parental opinion as to how we respond but at this point the guidance we must follow is that we must try to remain open until instructed to close by DFE and Public Health England.

We are however preparing for the eventuality of closure and how we might support the children and families during these difficult times.

There are two possible scenarios which we are preparing for.

The first scenario will be one of a partial closure - This will be when the situation arises where we are short staffed due to illness/ self-isolation. In this case we will aim to communicate this at the earliest point identifying which year groups will be closed. We will consider if it is possible that this is a "rolling closure" meaning that we all share the burden by closing on a rota.

The second scenario is where we face a full closure due to Government instruction or staffing limitations. In this case all children will be off. On the first day there will be some transition time where teachers are preparing suitable teaching resources and activities which will become available on the website under each year group. If we need to remain closed for any length of time we will develop more materials and suggested activities and it will be a very useful resource for children and parents.

In both events we will aim to keep you up to date by sending out regular texts and emails.

In the meantime parents should be aware of the following most recent Government guidance.

If one person in any household has a persistent cough or fever, everyone staying there must stay at home for 14 days.

 People should minimise their social contact.

People should avoid non-essential travel

Everyone should avoid gatherings and crowded places.

Within School Actions:

We are having to make some changes in light of the guidelines.

 Y4 Swimming Lessons cancelled

 Y2 trip to Chatsworth cancelled

After school clubs and activities cancelled from Monday until after Easter

 PA Easter Bingo cancelled

 Parents Evenings cancelled (we will provide some further information shortly)

 Y3 French Day cancelled

 Y1/Y2/Y3/Y5 sports events out school cancelled

 Y5 Bikeability cancelled

Additional measures are:

We will no longer allow non-essential visitors into school.

 There will be no music lessons delivered by peripatetic music teachers.

There will be no whole school assemblies- these will take place in classrooms.

 Continued regular handwashing.

 Continued staggered lunchtimes.

We also ask that all parents do not enter school under any circumstances other than through main Reception.

Please note we will continue to offer Breakfast club at this time but we request parents do not enter the school building and "handover" at the main reception.

Looking after your children’s emotional well-being

We appreciate that there are all sorts of emotions we have during this uncertain time. The news, social media, Government documents, stories from friends mean it is difficult for us adults let alone the children to make sense of it all. We will aim to be calm and measured in our approach to minimise children’s distress and anxiety. We will acknowledge the current local, National and Global picture with children as it comes up and we will talk to them and answer questions from them responsibly and as factually as possible providing some reassurance if we feel this is needed. Children will talk and gossip (just like us adults!) - if you can offer them some support at home that would be really helpful.

In addition we will continue to stress good hygiene control.

Absence from School

If for any reason your child will be off school either illness or through self- isolation of the family please email or call school leaving name, class, reason for absence. Should your child need to be off for more than two weeks (14 days isolation) please call/ email and update us so we can record absence accordingly and avoid unnecessary follow up calls during this difficult time.

Further Information

If you require further information then I am sure there is a wealth of sources on the internet but the link below would be a useful reference.

We will keep you posted and I would like to thank-you for your support and understanding during these challenging times.

Best wishes to you and your family.

A. Buckley

12th March 2020


Dear Parents,


Although there is no significant change at the moment regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) with regard to school I thought it would be useful just to update you with what our plans may be over the coming weeks.


Firstly we will follow the advice of DFE and Public Health England. At the moment we are getting daily updates. It seems likely that at some point in time there will be an escalation of response to the threat of COVID-19 and there will be a move to the next phase of the Government action plan (contain and delay spread of infection). The emphasis at the moment is on contain and research phase.


Whilst we are not thinking that a school closure will happen or that it is imminent there is a possibility that this may happen and we are making plans for this eventuality. This will not be a school initiated decision but one we will take following advice from DFE.


What might this look like practically?


We will notify you by text should there be a need to close. I expect that we would notify you at the earliest point and we would be closed from the next day. Please make sure we have your up to date contacts for the text messaging service.


We use the school website keep you updated on closure information.


The staff will be looking at their planning and what they would have covered within lessons. From this they will be adapting these plans and setting work which can be done by the children at home. As there will be no direct teaching this work will include a list of project based activities, practice of basic skills and some ideas the children can extend and explore.


We will also direct you to any websites with activities appropriate to the year group. If for any reason the work seems too hard or too easy you could always access the activities from the year group above or below.

We may also send home an additional reading book.


We will be working hard on making further activities available to you throughout any closure via our website.


School Trips


I have sought further advice with the Local Authority Health and Safety about our trips planned (Cadbury World Y6) and London (Y5). At the moment the advice is that we don’t need to alter our plans and that these can go ahead.

Cadbury World today have said that it is currently “business as usual” but there are extra hand sanitizer stations and washing stations in place.


The usual reminders regarding hygiene are to be reinforced and monitoring that this is being done eg. washing hands.


We will continue to check with the school travel company regarding the London trip and are making some back up plans in the event of closures of any of the places we plan to visit. We will keep parents of Y5 children informed at regular times throughout the visit.


We would like parents to feel comfortable with our arrangements but it is ultimately your decision on whether you are happy to allow your child to go on the planned trips at this time. If you decide that your child should not go on the trip please send them to school as normal and inform the office staff that they will not be going.


Within School- Education


We will continue to have a measured and appropriate message to our children around basic hygiene as well as providing any reassurance that may be needed.


We will be talking about the Catch it, Bin it, Kill it approach to all things coughs and colds related symptoms as normal.


We do have hand sanitizer gel stations within the hall and we will be reminding children to use them as well as washing their hands.


I am sure that some children may become anxious with what they hear in the news and from discussions at home (and indeed with their peers within school). We will provide calm reassurance but answer any of their questions as best we can. We will also encourage children to be responsible and calm should they be caught up in the speculation at this time.


We have recently employed a cleaner who works throughout the school day. At the moment she is ensuring that all frequently touched surfaces (door handles/ push plates) are cleaned throughout the day.


If your child is ill


If your child is ill then the usual arrangements are in place ie.48 hours off from last bout of sickness.

If your child is running a temperature then they are unwell and need to stay off school.


Further Information


If you require further information then I am sure there is a wealth of sources on the internet but the link below would be a useful reference.



We will keep you posted but at this point in time there are no significant changes to our daily routines within school provision.

 A. Buckley


Welcome back to Autumn term 2020! It's great to see you all back again. Please see our Recovery Curriculum Information under Curriculum Section.