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Who and what are our stakeholders?


Welcome to the governors page on the Wren Park Website. There are twelve governors at Wren Park all of whom take an active role in the life of the school.


As governors we meet regularly to make decisions about school matters and to support the staff of the school in their work. The full Governing Board meet every half term, and we have separate committees concerned with Premises and health and safety, Finance, Personnel and Curriculum issues and these committees usually meet termly. Governors are members of at least one of these committees which meet regularly to examine issues relating to their special responsibility. Having considered all the options they are then able to make recommendations to governors at the next full meeting. All governors have a curriculum area of interest and keep up to date with the latest developments by liaison with the teachers who lead the subject area. Governors visit the school regularly and participate fully in school events.


All the governors are very approachable and are happy to speak to parents. Governors can be contacted in the first instance by communicating with the school or by e-mail to


A governor is always present at open evenings and other events and can be approached in person.


Who Are The Governors?

Type Name Type Committee Date Appointed Retirement Date
Headteacher     Mr A Buckley               Headteacher All N/A N/A
Chair Mr S Chilvers Parent All Nov 2018 16.11.22
Vice Chair Mr John Hume-Spry Co-opted Resources Nov 2014 11.11.22
  Mrs A Glynn Staff Teaching and Learning and Policy Review Sept 2016 21.09.20
  Mr I Care Local Authority Resources TBC 26.11.22
  VACANT Co-opted      
  Mrs C Morley Parent Teaching and Learning Nov 2018 16.11.22
  Mrs L Hanson Parent Teaching and Learning Feb 2017 04.02.21
  Mr P Bhogal Co-opted Teaching and Learning Dec 2018 07.12.22
  Mrs W Whitt Co-opted (staff) Teaching and Learning, Policy Review Mar 2011 04.05.23
  Mrs C Brinkworth Co-opted Resources Sept 2016 21.09.20
  Ms H Hagan Co-opted Teaching and Learning Sept 2016 21.09.20
  Mrs H Plant Clerk to Governors and School Business Manager N/A N/A N/A



What is the Governing Board?

The Governing Board is a team of volunteers, supporting the school, with the following roles:

  • bring to the school different perspectives and experience, support and advice, Governors do not need to be specifically qualified but bring with them a wealth of experiences and common sense.
  • provide a strategic view - deciding collectively on the targets for the school, agreeing policies, targets and priorities for the school as the "School Development Plan".
  • act as support to the Head and Teachers and help focus on the children and raising the standards of achievement.
  • ensure the happiness of the children within the best possible learning environment.
  • no Governor has individual power - only the Governing Board collectively has power to bring about change.
  • act as a link between the local community, parents and the school.
  • monitor policies, budgets, development plans to ensure they are on target and in place in school. ( A full set of policies is available at the School.)
  • sponsor a curriculum area, making regular visits to the school and supporting the staff in this area.
  • to act as a "Critical Friend" to the Head by providing them with support and advice.
  • The Governing Board appoints all governors except for the LA governor.
  • There are no associate members on our Governing Board


Constitution of the Governing Board

The Governing Board consists of the following:

  • 3 Parent Governors - A person with a child attending the school, who is not employed by the School or the LEA.
  • 1 LA Governor - A member of the LA who is not employed by the school.
  • 2 Staff Governors - Head teacher/Staff and non-teaching staff are included in this category. One place must always be reserved for the Head and one place for a teacher
  • 6 Co-opted Governors - Co-opted governors are selected by the Governing Board and will be selected on their skills and experience pertinent to the needs of the school.


About our Governors


Ian Care -  I am a professional engineer and feel that my commercial, business, and science experience can be helpful to the school and governors. I believe every school should be a good school adding value to those who learn at the school, and that this should be a fun and enjoyable experience for the pupils and staff. My employer is supportive of those who want to serve as a school governor, and provides training for this. I will endeavour to continue to do my best for the school.


John Hume - Spry - My background is in healthcare but as a small business owner I have an insight into the challenges of staffing and finances. I have taken an active part in the Parents Association over the last 3 years and have 4 year’s experience of sitting on the organising committee of a local preschool. I am a keen supporter of our school and would like to take a proactive role to help Wren Park maintain its high standards and continue to thrive.


Helen Hagan – I was a Social Worker in Adult Care for 13 years and I now am self employed, providing interactive music sessions for residents in care homes. I am the Safeguarding governor on the Governing board.

I believe that schools should be a stimulating, enjoyable and fun environment for the children and all those who work in them, and we should all encourage our children to be curious about the world. Most importantly, we must be child centred in all the decisions that we make. I will do my very best to support Wren Park as a governor as it continues to provide a very high standard of care and education for our children.

Attendance Record of Governing Board

September 2018 - July 2019

Alex Buckley 100%
Adam Gomes 83%
Ian Care 83%
Pom Bhogal 100% (first meeting Jan 2019)
John Hume-Spry 100%
Claire Brinkworth 100%
Helen Hagan 83.4%
Claire Morley 100% (first meeting Nov 2018)
Liz Hanson 66%
Wendy Whitt 100%
Amanda Glynn 100%
Simon Chilvers  80% (first meeting Nov 2018)


Governor Register of Interests


No current governors on the Governing Board have declared any business or financial interests or any governance roles in other schools

Welcome back to Autumn term 2020! It's great to see you all back again. Please see our Recovery Curriculum Information under Curriculum Section.